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few rights reserved

the contents of track7 are copyright “few rights reserved” instead of “all rights reserved” like you are probably more used to seeing.  the basic idea is that i don’t have any reason to try to impose a lot of limitations on how my work is allowed to be used.  so instead of reserving all rights, i’m only reserving a few.  please note that some of the contents of track7 are under someone else’s copyright (these are all noted at the bottom of this page).  i cannot give permission to use that content for any other purposes, and in some cases i do not have explicit permission myself.  for copyright holders who are displeased with my use of your work on track7, send me a message with your specific complaint and i will work something out with you.

linking to track7


some sites seek to disallow linking to any page other than the root page and / or require that all links are phrased a certain way or use certain images.  if you would like to link to track7 from your website, go ahead and link directly to any page you want!


if you want to link to a download file (that means anything that starts with www.track7.org/files/), i prefer if you link to my page that contains the link.  if you have a strong preference to link directly to the file anyway, please make it clear that it’s not your file (see the next section).


you should not display any image hosted on www.track7.org directly on any other site.  this process is known as hotlinking (plus a few other names) and is troublesome in that the site actually hosting the image has to send the image to everyone who visits the page displaying the image, and that comes out of a monthly quota.  you’re welcome to save images from my site, put them on a different server, and include them on your pages from there — just please make it clear that you didn’t create the image (see the next section).  if i find cases of my images being hotlinked from other sites, i will replace them with this instead.

don’t take credit for my work

you’re welcome to use anything you want from track7 (with the exception of things not of my own creation, listed below).  if you do use something of mine, i ask that you refrain from presenting my work as your own.  often the act of using someone else’s work without saying that it is someone else's work is the same as saying that it is your own work, so give appropriate credit — preferably with a link to track7.

let me know

if you do use something from track7, i would love to know what you’ve done with it!  as long as you’re not presenting my work as your own i’m not going to be upset with you, so go to the neighborhood page and tell me how you found some part of track7 useful.  if you have a website i will most likely link to it from track7 unless you prefer that i don’t.

borrowed content

as mentioned earlier on this page, some of the content on track7 is restricted by copyright held by someone else.  the “few rights reserved” idea may not apply to these: