re: PHP is grouse me Matey ARRGH. by misterhaan

hmm, i was thinking of making the forums read-only.  maybe i shouldn’t if they’re going to get used!

are you getting some php errors?  if you tell me what they are and how you got to them i’ll try to fix them.  there’s a lot of change going on around here lately and while i try to test it all it’s just me so i could easily miss a thing or two.

speaking of change, have you seen the new part of the site?  it’s a little disjointed right now because it has a separate database and requires a separate login.  anybody who had posted anything before has login information copied so the same username and password should work if you choose the track7 login option on a new page.  the new stuff also requires javascript, but all from so works by default with the umatrix plugin i use.

let me know if you’re having any problems with the site and what you think of the new design!

PHP is grouse me Matey ARRGH. by Sue_Mie

_php while being interesting and 'err' comprehensive
is situationally fraught with semantic/procedural speed-bumps
   i.e. if one wishes to "play in the sand" as it were._ ??
      indents aside and concomitants to reason not-withstanding ---
                            I still hava to GOback to the SEA_B_

lurve yerz JAY &Jayz Mates.                       _B_                                                  

P.S. OPPS I think? What sayest Thine?

stories are important by misterhaan

while i believe a part of me pretty much always knew this to be true, to write love on her arms put it into words: stories are important. just now as i double checked their url i saw “your story is important” without needing to scroll down. because stories are important they also need to be told, and here i have a website but haven’t been using it to tell my stories.

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resisting jquery by misterhaan

for years i saw jquery as a bloated crutch i didn’t need. it had that one thing i couldn’t reasonably do on my own though: the document ready event. instead i’d been using window load, which waits longer to start than i needed it to. not wanting to bring in all of jquery, i looked for a more limited library that would give me document ready with as little else as possible. i found a small jquery alternative and tried to use it for a while before giving in and just using jquery itself. now that i’ve had it for most of a year, i wish i would have added it sooner.

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new private message system by misterhaan

i recently finished building a redesigned message system for track7. instead of just fitting the existing information into the new layout, i’ve actually taken a different approach to messaging.

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track7 update by misterhaan

redesigned user messaging

flexible layout by misterhaan

one of the things i wanted to change with my 2016 redesign is how track7 adapts to different browser sizes. previously i had mobile support via a separate subdomain that used the same code but had a couple differences to make things fit better on my iphone. now there are a much wider variety of browser sizes and i want track7 to work on all of them without choosing between desktop and mobile versions of the site. flexible layout (also known as responsive design, liquid layout, or fluid layout) will change with the width in a reasonable way so everyone gets the same content on whichever device they choose. this guide highlights the css features i used to design a flexible layout starting with the smallest width.

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comment on 2016 redesign by misterhaan

all those conditions are joined with OR (the NC means not case-sensitive) and invoke the rule at the end of that section:

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comment on 2016 redesign by bs0d

I see. So what's .htaccess doing if there's a match?