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sep 1st

track7 update by misterhaanrss

updated the mediawiki version at auwiki

jan 24th

comment on genericrant by Daniel Tigerrss

There's an interesting paradox between public companies that must maximize shareholder profits, and what is truly good for the public. If you think about it, that is a major contributing factor to the divide between "middle class" and the "1 percent'ers". Consider the energy/mining industry in it's current state. Thousands are laid off due to lower commodity prices. This is done to mitigate declining stock market values in exchange for shareholder confidence. The problem is, people lose their jobs, those that even have a stake in the company. Meanwhile, the upper management retains their high salaries, stock values may rise (putting more money in their pockets), and the "middle" man is out of luck.

Talk about income inequality, then talk about eliminating the stock market all together.

jan 23rd

comment on benton-melted by misterhaanrss

oddly enough, this particular cat was always up for a car ride!  i see i didn't post photos of either, but he also enjoyed a canoe ride and a camping trip (where he caught a couple mice he didn’t know what to do with).

jan 21st

comment on genericrant by Sue_Mierss

A seemingly wise man once posted, in an internationally active forum, THAT  in his considered opinion , a pissing section in a public swimming pool, was just like a smoking section in a public resturant. (and about as useful) This concept of 'common sense' approach , is something that the free world's energy/mining companys could well benefit from, in order to maximise their shareholders profits over a much longer term. This concept and connection a little bit obscure? Bing Bong. Climate change. Ring any bells? No? Global warming? Sea level changing? No? No connection? AARRRRRRGH!!!

jan 21st

comment on nazi.php by Sue_Mierss

--- and here we are ten years later, I cannot help but reflect upon our past innocence, if not our folly of youth. Whereas nowadays the Queensland Government in Australia has recently passed legislation which effectively and specifically prohibits the riding of Harley Davidson motorcycles in groups of more than two, -while wearing matching motorcycle club vests.

This was done strictly in lawful accordance with our (popularly applauded) anti-terrorist, anti-boat peop0le, and anti-organised crime, preventative counter-measures, which were already in place.

We, do not, the Patriot Act, need. Seig Heil! Onwards and Upwards meine freunde!
Flatulence (creative or involuntary) will not be tolerated unless it is in the service of the state and for the greater glory of ALL Australians. Und you all will not fun of ze Government make. Schweinhund! *breaks wind*

jan 21st

comment on sketch.php by Sue_Mierss

Hey Jay?  --- B.L.A.H. is STILL one of my all-time favourite images. Inspired it is, Mnn Nyess.
--- i.e. the full version _B_
as khoula says, "i love these piantings ." - and I lurve these pantings Too>  ;=)

jan 21st

comment on benton-melted by Sue_Mierss

Why don't we all go for a car ride? they said.
Come any closer and you'll be needing urgent tendon microsurgery, I said.

jan 21st

comment on owen-sit-stand by Sue_Mierss

Oh YEAH? -one more quip about "ladder Logic" in the "workplace environment" and I'll introduce you to my favourite algorithmic de-bugger who also writes comments for me under the nom de plume of "Claude Balls".

jan 21st

comment on owen-sit-stand by Sue_Mierss

See? I keep trying to explain to my slightly retarded Humans
that real-time multitasking was prevalent LONG before Visual Basic coding was invented!