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statistics tracking system


this package of scripts tracks hits to a site and summarizes hit statistics. track7 used it back when there was a stats section.





the php files should be put into their own directory, since one of them is an index file. buildstats.php is meant to be run automatically every one to three days — it looks through the table of hits and builds the statistics tables from that. it can be setup to run as a cron job with a command similar to the following:

php /home/user/stats/buildstats.php

pagehit.php records a hit for the current page into the hits table. this file must be included in every page that is to be tracked, similar to the following:

  include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/stats/pagehit.php';

the stats.sql file contains queries that can be run in mysql to create the necessary tables.

this package limits some of its functions based on the godmode function of the engine class (part of the layout classes). make this function return true in order to enable administrative functions.



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