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simple hit counter


this was once in use on track7 — you may remember when it used to say “___ housewives strong” on the front page. it uses a plain text file to store the current hit count, and a script called from every page adds to it. hits are counted once per session, and the hit counter starts the session.





the zip file contains 2 files. the php file needs to be included at the beginning of each page that could possibly be the one you need to count the hit from. because of the sessions you will need to make sure that there is no html output before you include counter.php. your files might start like this:

  include 'counter.php';

hitcount.txt needs to be placed in the web server root, and have its permissions set so that it’s writable by everyone (chmod 666). once that is done, all that’s left is to include hitcount.txt on any page(s) that you want to show the count like this:

<?php include 'hitcount.txt'; ?> visitors so far



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