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new layout classes


this package is a complete rewrite of my previous layout classes, with the goal that i would be able to use the same classes for all of the sites i work on (to the greatest extent possible). all of the classes in this package were used by track7 until the 2016 redesign. also included are classes for displaying and validating forms, manipulating text, building rss feeds, and timing code execution.





you should actually be able to use these classes without modifying them, though auUser and auPage are intended be extended with site-specific code. the classes in this package use some features that were added with php version 5, so if you are running an older version of php you will need to modify these files to avoid errors.

i recommend making a single include file that can be included from every page, and sets up the objects that every page is going to need. here's the relevant code from the include file track7 uses:

  require_once 'auDB.mysql.php';
  $db = new auDB(_DB_USER, _DB_PASS, _DB_HOST, _DB_NAME);
  require_once 'auUser.track7.php';
  $user = new auUserTrack7($db);
  require_once 'auPage.track7.php';
  $page = new auPageTrack7($db, $user, $getvars);

the _DB_* values are defined to the correct values for my mysql database. auUser.track7.php and auPage.track7.php are the customized user and page classes for track7. they extend auUser and auPage. there are a number of functions in auUser and auPage that should be overridden in a site-specific class, so make sure to look through the documentation or the files themselves.

read more on the track7 wiki



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