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mythtv recorded programs

mythtv recorded programs (mythclient) is designed to make it easier for windows clients to play back recordings from a separate mythtv server. the mythtv server must provide the services api as well as a windows-accessible (probably through samba) share with the recording files.

mythtv recorded programs on github

mythtv recorded programs documentation

version 1.2.0

.net 4.0 c# visual studio 2017

version 1.1.0

.net 4.0 c# visual studio 2017

version 1.0.0

.net 4.0 c# visual studio 2015

version 0.3.0

.net 4.0 c# visual studio 2013

version 0.2.0

.net 4.0 c# visual studio 2010

version 0.1.1

.net 4.0 c# visual studio 2010



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