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gum in urinals

posted by misterhaan in bathrooms, rants on

the other day i was going to the bathroom at work, and i noticed that someone had chosen to discard his gum in the urinal. to that person, i think the following:

why do you think it’s okay to spit your gum into the urinal? for that matter, why would you want to open your mouth when standing near a urinal? you can clearly see that there is NOT a clear path down the drain, so your gum will sit next to the metal thing until somebody reaches in there and gets it out. i don’t know about you but i certainly don’t want my hand (or any other part of my body) any nearer to a urinal than it has to be! sure somebody gets paid to clean that urinal, but does that mean they should have to grab your pee-soaked gum out of there? if you had to clean the urinal i bet you would prefer that there was no gum or other foreign objects partially blocking the drain.

if i knew who you were i’d go pee on your desk, but then again you’d probably just expect someone else to clean that up for you too.



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