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take the hunny and run

sketch, cover, pencil, pen, marker

c’mon, take the hunny and run! i came up with this title and cover in 1997 or 1998 as a winnie the pooh turned to the dark side and just running off with a hunny jar that didn’t belong to him. i probably looked at a picture of pooh to make sure my drawing was recognizable, then made him look a bit sly and tried to make it look like he’s running. i drew him in pencil, then traced some of the lines with black pen, colored with colored pencil, and filled in the background with black marker (probably a sharpie). the music is more of what i considered hard rock at the time.

  1. afewloosescrews — “black rain”
  2. bleach — “epidermis girl”
  3. silage — “my car makes me sin”
  4. bonedance — “head”
  5. joe christmas — “you’re special to me”
  6. blah — “nathan winters”
  7. rocketboy — “silver love”
  8. afewloosescrews — “change”
  9. one-21 — “j.i.s.”
  10. mxpx — “the opposite of intellect”
  11. spy glass blüe — “thin and leaner”
  12. every day life — “one’s own self”
  13. silage — “cool shoes”
  14. nailed promise — “jabberwocky”
  15. ninety pound wuss — “act up”
  16. fell venus — “hate disease”
  17. silage — “smile”
  18. afewloosescrews — “can’t stop lov’n you”
  19. tourniquet — “crawl to china”
  20. poor old lu — “ring true”
  21. switchfoot — “chem 6a”
  22. every day life — “cry of the lame”
  23. the crucified — “freedom”
  24. ninety pound wuss — “freedom”
  25. mxpx — “you put this love in my heart”
  26. silage — “giggle”
  27. poor old lu — “bliss is”
  28. blah — “chaka”
  29. afewloosescrews — “matt’s song”
  30. the crucified — “silent scream”
  31. silage — “¿double you es?”
  32. every day life — “look”

how do you like it?



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