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lego haan

digital, lego

i made this for use as an avatar when i posted on message boards. it’s a lego version of something i liked to wear at the time. i used my old compeye simplex scanner (since it has 3d-scanning capabilities) on some lego guys to get yellow and black for the top as well as white, grey, and black pants. i also scanned the seat-belt buckle from a belt i have. the red-tinted glasses were drawn with the shape tool. all these pieces were put together freehand using paint shop pro, and then i added a shadow and smoothed out the edges using a couple filters. i didn’t like how the yellow lego “skin” looked so greyscaled it. the background is one of the default fill patterns greatly magnified so that it wouldn’t repeat. the software section of this site uses an icon that comes from this image.

how do you like it?