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sketch, cover, pencil deviantart

this is the first mix tape i ever made for myself. the intro to “perserverance” by ninety pound wuss says the word “beware” so i thought of it as bee wear, and a bee would wear a black and yellow striped jacket. so i drew a bee showing off his jacket, wrote out bee wear as one word, and added a yellow and grey striped background. i used a lot of yellow colored pencil plus some regular black pencil.

half or so of the songs are punk, but i wasn’t doing much for themes at this point so it’s just a bunch of songs i liked at the time.

  1. ninety pound wuss — “perserverance”
  2. zero — “zero theme”
  3. soulfood76 — “vortex”
  4. mxpx — “walking bye”
  5. supertones — “who can be against me”
  6. prodigal sons — “armageddon”
  7. fell venus — “nice guy”
  8. pfr — “daddy never cried”
  9. every day life — “bystander”
  10. zero — “mindbodysoul”
  11. mxpx — “no room”
  12. plankeye — “open house”
  13. king's x — “moan jam”
  14. every day life — “e colli”

  15. ninety pound wuss — “red”
  16. mxpx — “high standards”
  17. prodigal sons — “satan is dead”
  18. world wide message tribe — “revolution”
  19. every day life — “look”
  20. plankeye — “b.c.”
  21. mxpx — “too much thinking”
  22. ninety pound wuss — “a.s.d.”
  23. steve taylor — “i want to be a clone”
  24. audio adrenaline — “my god”
  25. every day life — “dis”
  26. mxpx — “the aspect”
  27. prodigal sons — “believe”
  28. ninety pound wuss — “olympia”
  29. mxpx — “different things”

how do you like it?



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