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zzt and megazeux (mzx) gameworlds

Weirdland I:  The Breakout

23.2 k

This game started a series in which the games have strange, sometimes confusing plots that have nothing to do with the other games in the series.  This is the only Weirdland game that can be found in ZZT format as the rest are Megazeux.  It's actually my second or third gameworld in ZZT, but the first one I kept.

Hercules:  The Thirteenth Labor

195.1 k

A product of a 10th grade English class.  This was a group project for the mythology unit, where Weirdland II (unfinished at the time) was adapted to a Greek mythological storyline and carried out to become a full (though short) game.  This was the first time I had a raft going across a river in a game, and I made the river by coloring lava dark blue.

Weirdland II:  Yellow Snow and the Seventh Dork

810.1 k

Featuring music from They Might Be Giants and The Benny Hill show, this game combines weird humor and classic fairy tales.  You must take on the role of of Yellow Snow and attempt to rescue the seventh dork from the evil witch.  The other dorks aren't much help to you, but at least you can sell some of the diamonds from their mine.

Weirdland III:  Jay & Andrew vs. the Nazi Teacher Party

61.9 k

This is a game in progress and this is only a demo.  A high school history teacher goes nazi during a World War II unit and it's up to you and your straw wrappers to stop him and his followers from eliminating all students, including you and your friend.

Larry's Adventure in:  Happy Fairy Land

90.4 k

Another demo of a game in progress.  This one's a lot closer to RPG format.  You play Larry, a regluar guy that somehow ends up in Happy Fairy Land and has to figure out what's going on and eventually get home.  There's actually something to do here--give those elves a pummeling!

Plexus:  The Plexus Project

This game is not technically even started thus far, but the idea is there.  You play a low-level factory worker who completes various subversive missions for a co-worker named Mark while avoiding bosses as not to get laid off.  The Sue Biest is another danger to be wary of--while it is enjoyable to play various pranks on her, to incur her wrath is to place little value in one's well-being.

* in order to play these games, you will need to download the appropriate game environment.  for weirdland i you will need zzt, and for everything else you will need megazeux.  both are available here download since they are either shareware or freeware.  also available are icons (provided by the analog underground) for each environment.  for megazeux you may find it necessary to use a program such as vdm sound in order to play music and effects through your sound card.

ZZT 126.4 k 1078 bytes
Megazeux 746.5 k 1078 bytes

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